Does Empathetic marketing worth all your time and resources?

There are times when even the largest brands are left all muddled up with the unpredictable behavior of the consumers. This can be understood with a simple short story of a business brand. A company dedicatedly runs the various ad campaigns to generate the huge traffic on its website. It hoped that every 4 out of 10 people would, at least, get converted into a customer. He spent a million dollars on it, but gets only a few thousand dollars business! What do you think about it? Do you think spending a million dollars on the expensive ad campaigns is […] Read more

If you focus on view counts, you miss on the customer loyalty

If you focus on view counts, you miss on the customer loyalty

Have you ever just taken a pause while creating a business video thinking what if the video doesn’t get enough views? Your boss might grill you on the same barbecue tripod on which you grilled chickens in the last party. Unlike what many advertisers say, the true purpose of a video is not to get as many views as possible. In fact, a video is created, published and disseminated across the platforms to facilitate the engagement between a brand and its target users for building the customer loyalty.

Number of views is not equivalent to the number of sales you do!

Think […] Read more