Nothing is virtuous than virtual!

It is the dire need of new age marketers to embrace digital marketing if they really want to entice today’s tech-savvy prospects. A perfect blend of SEO, SMO, Content Management, Marketing Automations, Gaming and Community Development bouquet can work marvellously to create amazing digital marketing strategies.

A recent study conducted by IBM showcased the truth that, “the buying decision of almost eighty-five percent of people usually influenced by the social media”. In this realm marketers need to focus on the two indispensable digital marketing tools, namely SMO and engaging content. The social media and interactive content connect organisations with customers and prospects in a lively manner, which help the companies to know their taste & preferences, needs and wants, behavioural inclination and above all their invaluable feedback about the products and services of a company.

Today, youths targeted industries like fashion, gadgets, mobile accessories and art & entertainment are specifically availing the social media, as youths spend most of their spare time on social networking sites. Digital media spreads virally and influence people’s decision making behaviour. Smart marketers very well understand the significance of digital media in shaping the overall brand perception.

In addition, Gamification technology is facilitating the organisations to engage youth on the websites and assess their behaviour and purchasing habits. A paradigm shift from simple mobile phones to smart phones in the past few years totally transformed the communication science. People knows less about their vicinity, but they are well informed about their places of interests.

Working on the philosophy of ‘fittest to survive’ we at TYCC, forecast trends in digital marketing, sketch a robust plan and execute it with proper monitoring to reap the ultimate results of Digital Marketing.