Endless Evolution of PR in the Digital Age

Although, Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations (PR) are three branches of Outbound Marketing, but PR is far different in terms of approach, style and scope. The result an organisation garners from PR activities stood long and creates cascading effect in making the image of an organisation before the customers, vendors, employees and stakeholders. In fact, PR develops a strong relationship with all of them through effective communication strategies and strong media pitch. PR is comparatively the younger tributary of Marketing, though Digital Marketing is the most recent, but it is also considered the annexation of PR.
http://theyellowcoincommunication.com/The fundamental difference between PR and other branches of Marketing such as Advertising and Promotion aimed to induce the sales and revenues while PR focuses only on image projection, brand building and reputation management. PR focuses on intangible aspects and inconspicuous benefits of a brand contrary to sales, promotion and advertising that talk about physical and conspicuous benefits. PR more closely connect a brand with customers, prospects, investors and the market and update them with all developments and changes pertaining to a brand. It relies on news, articles, reviews and blogs rather than splurging money in advertising, promotion and other ATL activities.   
With the advent of Digital Media and the rising popularity of social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo, the role of PR diversified a lot and its scope got widened. The new age PR is altogether different from the traditional PR which was restricted to television and print media. Today, the wide reach of internet, growing popularity of social media and accessibility to the revolutionary mobility technology completely redefined the Public Relations and much is yet to come.