If you focus on view counts, you miss on the customer loyalty

Have you ever just taken a pause while creating a business video thinking what if the video doesn’t get enough views? Your boss might grill you on the same barbecue tripod on which you grilled chickens in the last party. Unlike what many advertisers say, the true purpose of a video is not to get as many views as possible. In fact, a video is created, published and disseminated across the platforms to facilitate the engagement between a brand and its target users for building the customer loyalty.

Number of views is not equivalent to the number of sales you do!

Think it this way; we create content to connect with the new leads, simultaneously, improves engagement with regular customers. Counting a lakh views on a video does not necessarily mean that you are driving revenues of the same value. Lesser are there chances that the one who views your video for first 5 seconds will visit your store and make a purchase. Remember, critics are always wandering to spot their target.

The moment a video is made public, it can be viewed by new potential users, existing customers, or the users from non-target sphere. Some might have given up in between the video while others might have saved it to watch it again and again. Contemplating the business success on the basis of predictions regarding the users’ behavior; how they consume your content is not an apt thing to do. No matter how much you rack the brain, if your content does not make your customers interested in your offerings and get addicted to it, the entire project means nothing but a zero.

Instead of brooding on how to create viral content, it’s high time we work on the maneuver of creating customer-centric content.

Take Vodafone Zoo Zoo video ads as examples! The motif behind business content creation is not restricted to make it attractive and go viral. Instead, it is an attempt to create content which steps up the customer loyalty; they stay connected with the customers. The appealing and interactive way of storytelling can be used in creating business videos that increase the lead prospects. In this case, the content enkindles the curiosity in the customers as in what services you are offering and they might ping up for the deal. For this, you must address their needs and requirements directly. Rest is the job of your business development team.

Not the unique views but the repeated views from same customers determine the value of your content.

Being a content marketer, it is obvious that you would want to grow your audience base anyhow. As pointed out many times before, the audience does not include the one-time viewers. This means you have to turn these one-time users into all-time users for building the audience base which can later be turned into the customer base. Well, unique views can easily be obtained by forcing the users to watch it with “Autoplay.” It, not at all, means that they viewed it because they like it. The frequency of the revisits of the users on the same content is a determinant factor of the content quality.  In simple words, if they found something of their interest, they will like it.