Role of Translation in Localised Marketing

The first way we portray ourselves, our products, and our services are through language, which serves as our initial brand ambassador. It’s all about how we communicate with people about who we are, what we offer, and what our top priorities are. Additionally, allowing clients to contact you in their own language is likely to boost the reputation of your company and encourage your brand loyalty among your clientele.

Moreover, localised marketing is one of the foremost marketing strategies which aim to achieve this. It is a technique for creating marketing campaigns that take into account numerous facets of a culture’s […] Read more

How to Promote a Translation Company on Instagram

Instagram, the popular social media platform allows you to warmly and genuinely engage with customers while promoting your business and services. Just like any other business, Instagram as a promotional platform can be a boon for a translation agency by promoting its services and increasing brand exposure on Instagram.

Why promote a translation company on Instagram?

Instagram’s visual aspect is its most significant advantage over other social media platforms.
For this social media platform, video, images, and illustrations are all excellent content types, but your marketing plan will ultimately dictate what kind of stuff to publish and how frequently you release it. No […] Read more

Contribution of Translators to World Literature

“Writers create national literature in their own language, but translators write universal literature.”
The concept of “world literature” refers to pieces written in a variety of languages. Translation enables the development of a corpus of literature from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds that are widely acknowledged as world literature and scholars discuss it at international conferences.

Moreover, the term “world literature” has gained fresh credibility in this era of globalisation and is significantly shaped through translation provided by professional translation agencies that are flourishing fast in the Internet era. Though technology is making tasks simpler, readers and critics hardly like AI-based translation, […] Read more

Entertainment Sector is the Propeller of Translation Industry in India

India, the world’s second-largest populated country with 22 officially recognized languages and an inherited culture of music and dance is the ideal place for the global entertainment industry to thrive upon. The country is number one in making movies in a year, even far ahead of Hollywood. Apart from the mammoth Hindi film industry with its locus in Mumbai, southern states are also not far behind in making big-budget movies in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

Moreover, there is a glorious history of Bengali movies in the eastern states of India. But, it doesn’t mean that regional language movies churn out money […] Read more

Why Banks Should Be Linguistically Proficient

The banks’ resilience proved to be far stronger than many had anticipated. The banking industry as a whole is still robust, and individuals still feel most at ease and trusted when it comes to making deposits, receiving money, and saving money there. Despite a slew of challenges due to macroeconomic factors, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial sector could weather the storm with sheer agility. Thanks to the language translation industry for backing the banking sector. This reasoning also applies to SME clients, who still prefer to conduct business through conventional banking portals in huge numbers.

Need for effective communication […] Read more

Professional Website Translation for Better Digital Outreach

“In today’s business world, access and communication are necessary aspects.”

Since COVID-19, many important corporate operations and transactions have moved online, thanks in large part to technology and modifications to standard operating procedures. Due to an increase in the number of people across all business sectors are choosing to create and manage their own websites.

Naturally, the majority of people begin by creating a page in their mother tongue. However, as a business owner, you might want to think about enlarging your market and attracting customers from outside. Your site pages must be translated as correctly and professionally as possible for this […] Read more

Proofreading for Error-Proof Business Translation

The translation industry is flooded with opportunities from regional and multinational companies. When it comes to expanding the business in a multi-lingual region, a translation agency comes in handy. It helps small or big companies to express their business ideas to native people, carry out their business plans, and convert text and visual ads into regional or foreign languages.

Translation service is not limited to business profiles. It is helpful for foreign authors and travellers who wish to find a medium to communicate with the local audience through their book. A foreign language translation agency plays a crucial role in reducing […] Read more

Importance of Training in Language Translation Industry

The method of converting text from one language into another while maintaining the original content and communication is known as translation. It is self-evident that someone who speaks two languages well should be capable of doing the job of a translator or an interpreter. Things, however, are significantly more complicated than that.

Unfortunately, many individuals believe that this simplistic understanding of translation is fundamental. It almost feels as though the translation job is taken for granted; for someone who has worked in the field, translation and interpretation are far from straightforward. Language skills will only get you a small part of […] Read more

Beyond Translation Businesses Should Adopt Localization Strategies

With escalating competition in the market, businesses these days have more reasons to expand and explore new markets globally to stay relevant. To maintain economic stability, diversification of the revenue streams has become imperative and in the digital era and reaching out to diverse customers has been made simple. However, to set up a foreign wing and build business dominance in a foreign land requires connecting with the prospective customers in the target area. Businesses often seek assistance from translation services to communicate with the locale, but more than Foreign Language Translation need to have clear and effective localization strategies.

Business […] Read more

Significance of Translation for Global Businesses

For a business to grow globally by extending its reach in a foreign land, communicating its messages to the customers and making them understand in their own language becomes imperative; translation services, especially those providing human translators, become the best option for the global businesses.
With the steady advent of globalization, when businesses are attempting to capture the international market to sell their products or services overseas, content exposure worldwide, with diverse customers speaking different languages, has become imperative. To run a business successfully in foreign lands, it is quint essential for businesses to connect with the locale in their language; […] Read more