Content- Future of Marketing but Power of the Present

Content in the age of social media and digital marketing is the soul of every website, e-mailer, press release, news, blog page, FB and Twitter posts, promotional materials, product descriptions and every possible communication medium, be it online or offline. Need to capture the top position in a Google search and maximum sharing of the Facebook page and YouTube videos generated the need of keywords based content where some specific words help to optimize the ranking of a website and its submitted post. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the part of digital marketing where optimization depends on the quality of the content and smart usage of keywords by the content team. Content decides the fate of a brand, submission of articles on reputed websites and press releases on top news portals eventually differentiate a brand and raises the profile. digital marketing is an art of branding, a quality content with interesting facts and figures and lively writing style helps in retaining the existing customers and alluring the prospective buyers of that brand. But, in this fast moving world where time is a luxury, attracting the visitors for a particular page is indeed a difficult task unless the marketer has something very unique, interesting, valuable and sometimes entertaining content for the target audience. The mill of the run content can never turn people eyes on your postings, you have to understand the needs and demands of your customers and prospects, ensure them that your brand is ready to meet their expectations and it is only possible if they find that your content is really purposeful and engaging.
There are various factors that make the content rocking and getting high ROI on marketing budgets. Well written content by a creative team backed by smart SEO, content curation tools and effective pitching on the social media channels. A perfect blend of all these elements makes content a worth for the digital marketing. Whether we talk about B2B marketing or B2C interactions, content has become the most dynamic part of a corporate communication and its promotional activities in every medium, but in digital marketing it solely decides the fate of campaign, in fact the fate of a brand. That is why all the marketing pundits in India and abroad concede that ‘Content is the future of marketing.’