Does Empathetic marketing worth all your time and resources?

There are times when even the largest brands are left all muddled up with the unpredictable behavior of the consumers. This can be understood with a simple short story of a business brand. A company dedicatedly runs the various ad campaigns to generate the huge traffic on its website. It hoped that every 4 out of 10 people would, at least, get converted into a customer. He spent a million dollars on it, but gets only a few thousand dollars business! What do you think about it? Do you think spending a million dollars on the expensive ad campaigns is of any worth? Of course not! Put your traditional marketing master plan in the backseat and drive through empathetic marketing.

What brands really need to do today is become more empathetic towards their customers to identify their particular needs. Many brands fail in their advertising and marketing efforts as they pay less attention to what their customers are asking for. Customers’ voice is overruled by the sales pitch of the brands as they brood on what they sell instead of what customers like to buy.

Empathetic marketing is a deal of benefits for both the business brand and the customers. Don’t forget that the success mantra begins with customers and ends with customers only. Be empathetic with your customers and understand their problems, needs, and requirements. This would help you upgrade your products and improvise your marketing & advertising strategies to earn the traffic.

3 Empathetic Marketing Strategies That Gift You What You Deserve

  1. Eclectic content creation:

Some customers understand the extensive articles and blogs better, and some easily grasp the visual content. If a concept is detailed on one website, the readers would surf the whole internet to find a visual or more interactive summary of it. Would it not be an amazing idea if you could give them the visual representation of the same content you distribute online? The content such as videos, infographics, PPTs, etc., created by keeping the customers at the heart of the process has more chances to attract visitors than the plain and ordinary.

  1. Worth-it Campaigns:

It is true that your brand must be ubiquitously present online, but mind the manner and context in which people see your brand. There are zillions of people online and your one mistargeted ad will by none, but the ones who are least interested in your offerings. This is important that you research well on your audience, understand their situation, realize their needs, and imitate their manners to accordingly set up your ad campaign. Suppose one user searches “the home remedies for hair fall’ and then your Trueview Discovery video ad strikes him in which you discuss the probable solutions of hair fall in more practical and acceptable manner. The impact, in this case, will be large and beneficial for you. The video ad stuffed with sales pitches have lesser impact and value to the customer. Be more concerned about your customers, and less about your products.

  1. Informal, not professional, is the new trend

No more black boots, black ties, and humble tone are required to communicate with the customers. Now, customers want to see you relaxed and comfortable while talking to them. And if this comes at the cost of informality, they are fine with it too. All you should do is learn how to respond to their needs; stop talking and start listening. Don’t fret on the sales target given to you this month, but concentrate on how you can serve the customers with the products and services of the company.