Be Cautious! PR is Incomplete Without Digital Marketing

Digitization of media at the speed of light has drastically changed the Marketing and Public Relations (PR) in the twenty-first century. PR agencies which failed to adapt these centuries are nowhere in the race. Digital technology is not only responsible for the change in marketing and media, but its effects are conspicuous in commercial as well as social activities. PR agencies create brands, enhance images and bridge the gap between marketers and their prospective customers. Due to the incessant revolution in the digital world, a new branch of PR emerged in the 21st century, which is known as Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, most of the agencies are still using traditional PR approaches and they are failing to meet the expectations of their clients and the industry.

Traditional PR will not last for a long in the isolation and agencies which are inexperienced in Digital Marketing cannot suffice the need of their customers. Digital marketing is dynamic and ever growing and agencies must be ready to explore every newly created opportunity in SMO, SEO, PPC and other online resources. Change in Digital Marketing is synonymous with creativity and whoever is capable to understand this change can be treated as smart and creative marketer.

Digital marketers should understand the behavior of online audiences, algorithms of social media channels, role of clicks and comments, art of making the viral posts and strategies to increase traffic on the client’s website. It is a paradox that many PR agencies still unable to understand the demands and requirements of digital marketing. Only creativity cannot grant you success in this format, perfect knowledge about the various innovative tools in digital marketing provide right direction and positive results.

It’s crucial for Public Relations (PR) agencies to embrace new tactics, technology and opportunities in the highly dynamic world of digital marketing. Each account demands special attention and customized solutions, therefore the agency must be very good in observations, anticipations and strategy formulations. Good analytical skills help an agency to measure the potential outcome and tentative cost of a planned campaign.

Content is the core of every marketing communication and be it offline or online it is the content that decides the fate of every marketing and PR campaign. Therefore, it is the duty of content writers to play with the key words; smartly and effectively, using catchy headlines, incorporating simple and strong phrases, but avoiding the cliches. Quality content always attracts the attention of viewers and compel them to like, comment and share. If an agency is proactive in implementing the aforementioned things, then luck is always with smart people.