Leveraging translation services to expand your online marketplace

Leveraging translation services to expand your online marketplace

Imagine having a storefront accessible to customers from every corner of the globe. Such is the power of translation services in e-commerce. As businesses strive to tap into new markets and reach diverse audiences, effective communication in multiple languages emerges as vital to success. From product descriptions to customer support, translation services facilitate smooth interactions across linguistic divides.


Furthermore, effective communication is the cornerstone of success in online marketplaces. Whether it’s product descriptions, customer reviews, or marketing campaigns, every content must resonate with the target audience. This is where translation services come into play. By accurately translating and localizing content, businesses […] Read more

Why Banks Should Be Linguistically Proficient

The banks’ resilience proved to be far stronger than many had anticipated. The banking industry as a whole is still robust, and individuals still feel most at ease and trusted when it comes to making deposits, receiving money, and saving money there. Despite a slew of challenges due to macroeconomic factors, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial sector could weather the storm with sheer agility. Thanks to the language translation industry for backing the banking sector. This reasoning also applies to SME clients, who still prefer to conduct business through conventional banking portals in huge numbers.

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Importance of Training in Language Translation Industry

The method of converting text from one language into another while maintaining the original content and communication is known as translation. It is self-evident that someone who speaks two languages well should be capable of doing the job of a translator or an interpreter. Things, however, are significantly more complicated than that.

Unfortunately, many individuals believe that this simplistic understanding of translation is fundamental. It almost feels as though the translation job is taken for granted; for someone who has worked in the field, translation and interpretation are far from straightforward. Language skills will only get you a small part of […] Read more

What actually is lost in machine translation?

What actually is lost in machine translation?

Ever since its release, “Lost in Translation” movie never ceases to encourage people to talk about the best of their lost in translation moments. Language is quicksilver and slippery—the meaning of its words cannot be fixed, and the grammar rules cannot be generalized. And even if one tries to do, the results are either drastic or hilarious. You may have come across the ambiguous statement “Dogs must be carried on an escalator” that linguaphiles could not stop ranting about on social media. The statement is not grammatically incorrect but is grammatically ambiguous leading to so many interpretations that the writer’s […] Read more

Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Translation has long been part of the literature facet, but it has always been problematic when the texts were converted from one language to another. Talking about India only, let’s take into consideration our mother tongue, Hindi’s translation into English literature. The immense beauty of Hindi withholds several ways of depicting the same text in different emotions through its various tools like muhawre (Idioms) and lokukti (Proverbs) which mostly gets falsely depicted by other languages. Every other language holds their tools which other literary aesthetics won’t be able to do justice due to their respective socio-cultural context. Thus, professionals working […] Read more

PR industry: The rising star

PR industry: The rising star

Even if the profession is almost a century old in the country, it didn’t get that respect and recognition like the other participants involved in the marketing process. This is so because of the fact that critics see PR as a fabricator organizing favorable media coverage for undesirable people and causes. But not the roles are changing, from being the supporting helper slowly and steadily the industry is taking the center stage meant for it.

According to a survey conducted by the Associated Chamber of commerce and Industry in India (Assocham, 2012), the PR industry in India is growing at an annual rate of 32 percent. There are hundreds of PR consultancies but not all are good. Here are the qualities that the best PR agencies have:

1.      Have good reputation: Biggest one need not be the best one always.  While selecting, eliminate any PR agencies that could take advantage of you or that don’t have a lot of experience behind them. When in doubt, ask other companies that have worked with the PR agencies you’re considering.

2.      Get to know their clients: You should never work with a PR agency that tries to rush through the getting- to know- you phase. Any high-quality PR firmwill want to spend time getting to know your business and your audience so the team can do their job as best as possible.

3.      Have active social media presence: See if they can actually back its claim of expertise by checking out the firm’s blog and social media profiles. Great PR agencies aren’t afraid to give up some free information—they know that that’s the best way to show their expertise and attract clients.

4.       Test knowledge of trends: Knowing the ins and outs of marketing and advertising means keeping up with trends and spotting new trends being formed. Make sure that any PR agency you choose is always up-to-date with the latest news and information.

5.      Are well connected: Great PR agencies have impressive lists of connections. How much a PR agency can help you greatly depends on their own network of people and businesses.

At its core, public relations revolve around the universal truth: people act based upon their perception of facts. With a good story we can manage, control and influence people’s perceptions and achieve our goals.  The better the story, the better is the acceptance by the public and the better the public relations.

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5 Critical Steps of Brand Re-engineering-1

5 Critical Steps of Brand Re-engineering-1

5 Critical Steps of Brand Re-engineering-1

If you are an entrepreneur and your brand is not doing well then don’t think that your concept is not worthwhile, take a work break of 2 to 3 days, invite your marketing team for an outdoor dinner, spend some time together, make fun and finally start a brainstorming session. Fresh minds develop fresh ideas!

Many innovative brands and concepts in the past couldn’t see the light of the day just because of faulty strategies. For their failures, I never blame business ideas, I blame to strategies that were not complementary to those concepts. Unfortunately, among the present generation of marketers, branding is one of most misunderstood business concepts. Usually, for them, its ambit is restricted to Media Presence and Market Presence. And, they calculate the return just on the changing sales figures. The next big mistake they make is imitating the strategies of established and successful brands. Branding is a customised process that can neither be copied, nor it can be replicated.

Now, be relaxed and try to understand the product or service you want to groom into a brand. Because a brand is like a human baby, the marketer starts thinking about its future soon after conceiving an idea. What comes to your mind instantly when you think about your brand? Is it the appearance, attitude, or IQ? Start a friendly discussion with these simple questions and note down the opinions and views of the team members. Remember! Be open and let them speak first.

Step – 1

As you have already finalised a name, you can’t do anything with the name but still there is enough scope to re-launch your brand with a fresh outlook and feel. Explore all the positive aspects associated with the name of your brand, and then keeping in mind its attributes and the demographic profile of your target audience prepare some tailored-fit attires for your brand – i.e., tangible elements of the branding: logo, font size & style, colours used in the logo and website. After a mutual consent get settled for some desirable changes and request the team to work on these changes but don’t make them live till the final makeover. Now, wind up the meeting, it’s the end of session one of brand re-engineering. Save the date for next meeting and motivate the Design and Marketing teams for best results in the meantime.

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Why Should You Choose a Translation Agency?

A translation agency provides translation services. This term is often used interchangeably with translation company or localization agency. A translation agency provides translation services and manages translation projects for clients. Some translation agencies may also provide interpreters, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and other language related services such as website translation and software translation.


·Efficient Work: You don’t have to take long-term risks of hiring employees, workflows, upfront investments as well as tools. Rather, you can leverage all your energies towards improving all kinds of products, services as well as your market shares. Through the help of professional linguists the work will become flexible as well as the output will be much faster compared to the in -house team deployed by any organisation.

·Consistency: The challenge of the language support consistency too can be managed with the help of the language translation firms. As a company, the employees and team will often change and leave thus creating a question of the calibre and performance of work. The consistency level is often different from one person to another person. In this case, one might find problems in the use of language. It will be very confusing for the customers to adapt the change.

·Language specialisation: Expertise in translating into and from one specific language. In a translation company there is a huge team of translators who are well versed in different languages and have significant experience of working with different languages and industries.

·Reliability: With translators you are dubious of the quality you will receive and you also have to go through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure you are picking the right person. This may require a huge investment in time and resources. Working with a translation agency is easier because you do not have to spend additional time searching for the right translator and you also do not have the uncertainty of the quality of work.

·         Saves Time and Offer Security: What is most important is the delivery of the projects on time. Through hiring a professional translation agency all your work will be carried out in proper time. As soon as the project is started these agencies will align their translators to work in coordination and deliver the work within the given deadlines.

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