Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Translation has long been part of the literature facet, but it has always been problematic when the texts were converted from one language to another. Talking about India only, let’s take into consideration our mother tongue, Hindi’s translation into English literature. The immense beauty of Hindi withholds several ways of depicting the same text in different emotions through its various tools like muhawre (Idioms) and lokukti (Proverbs) which mostly gets falsely depicted by other languages. Every other language holds their tools which other literary aesthetics won’t be able to do justice due to their respective socio-cultural context. Thus, professionals working in language translation agencies started incorporating a footnote in italics to explain the meaning for an English reader in detail. This is how the imagery of one language gets diluted when translated into another.

Strengthening the linguistic roots

In recent times, many youngsters especially the ones in their early 20s have agreed to receive the English version of many great Hindi classics as presents from their parents and grandparents. While at first, the readers thought the classics to be similar to any other standard book, but it was only after going through first few pages that they were left in complete awe and respect for the immense beauty of Hindi literature. Eventually, the kids devoured the original Hindi texts and figured out the true emotions introduced to the stories. Even the translator services in Delhi and around the nation have agreed that English translation works of MunshiPremchand, HarivanshRaiBachchan, MahadeviVerma, poems and prose of Gulzar and other classic writers have generated a vast audience base in the recent years with the youths being the most in numbers.

Importance of good translation work

With so many frauds involved in the translation domain, like many other work sectors; adequate precision and research is required before finalising upon a translator. While the hunt might be tough, but if done right the resulting translation work will hook up with the audience as much as the originals might have done. The genuine translation professionals ensure that through their work, the least possible disturbances are caused to the nuances of original texts and communicate the message effectively and with minimum ambiguities. Because they know it well that their thoughts while translating hold a massive impact on the original authors’ work and even the slight mistakes and misinterpretation will deteriorate the real works.

Last but not the least…

Translation adds its own beautiful charm to the work of originals. Not just more people from diverse regions and linguistic backgrounds are getting connected with the text but it is also strengthening the concept of ‘VasudevaKutumbakam’- meaning the whole world is one family. While, there might be some woes and flaws currently but with the world getting close, these bends and breaks will soon be fixed. This is the time when we urgently need to support the genuine translation works and help the industry get rid of the few fraudsters that are spoiling the entire industry of hardworking individuals.