Entertainment Sector is the Propeller of Translation Industry in India

India, the world’s second-largest populated country with 22 officially recognized languages and an inherited culture of music and dance is the ideal place for the global entertainment industry to thrive upon. The country is number one in making movies in a year, even far ahead of Hollywood. Apart from the mammoth Hindi film industry with its locus in Mumbai, southern states are also not far behind in making big-budget movies in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

Moreover, there is a glorious history of Bengali movies in the eastern states of India. But, it doesn’t mean that regional language movies churn out money […] Read more

Why Banks Should Be Linguistically Proficient

The banks’ resilience proved to be far stronger than many had anticipated. The banking industry as a whole is still robust, and individuals still feel most at ease and trusted when it comes to making deposits, receiving money, and saving money there. Despite a slew of challenges due to macroeconomic factors, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial sector could weather the storm with sheer agility. Thanks to the language translation industry for backing the banking sector. This reasoning also applies to SME clients, who still prefer to conduct business through conventional banking portals in huge numbers.

Need for effective communication […] Read more