Boosting online platform traffic with language translation services

Boosting online platform traffic with language translation services

Cyberspace knows no geographical boundaries, yet language remains a formidable barrier that divides and limits the reach of online platforms. In an era where connectivity transcends borders, catering solely to an English-speaking audience seems archaic and shortsighted. Acknowledging this paradigm shift, website owners embrace the transformative potential of language translation services worldwide. Through the strategic integration of multilingual content, they are expanding their market horizons and nurturing a more immersive user experience, thus catalyzing an exponential surge in online traffic.


Language translation services have emerged as a vital tool for expanding market reach and providing superior user experiences. Despite over half of global websites […] Read more

How to Promote a Translation Company on Instagram

Instagram, the popular social media platform allows you to warmly and genuinely engage with customers while promoting your business and services. Just like any other business, Instagram as a promotional platform can be a boon for a translation agency by promoting its services and increasing brand exposure on Instagram.

Why promote a translation company on Instagram?

Instagram’s visual aspect is its most significant advantage over other social media platforms.
For this social media platform, video, images, and illustrations are all excellent content types, but your marketing plan will ultimately dictate what kind of stuff to publish and how frequently you release it. No […] Read more

Contribution of Translators to World Literature

“Writers create national literature in their own language, but translators write universal literature.”
The concept of “world literature” refers to pieces written in a variety of languages. Translation enables the development of a corpus of literature from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds that are widely acknowledged as world literature and scholars discuss it at international conferences.

Moreover, the term “world literature” has gained fresh credibility in this era of globalisation and is significantly shaped through translation provided by professional translation agencies that are flourishing fast in the Internet era. Though technology is making tasks simpler, readers and critics hardly like AI-based translation, […] Read more

Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Translation has long been part of the literature facet, but it has always been problematic when the texts were converted from one language to another. Talking about India only, let’s take into consideration our mother tongue, Hindi’s translation into English literature. The immense beauty of Hindi withholds several ways of depicting the same text in different emotions through its various tools like muhawre (Idioms) and lokukti (Proverbs) which mostly gets falsely depicted by other languages. Every other language holds their tools which other literary aesthetics won’t be able to do justice due to their respective socio-cultural context. Thus, professionals working […] Read more

Why Should You Choose a Translation Agency?

A translation agency provides translation services. This term is often used interchangeably with translation company or localization agency. A translation agency provides translation services and manages translation projects for clients. Some translation agencies may also provide interpreters, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and other language related services such as website translation and software translation.


·Efficient Work: You don’t have to take long-term risks of hiring employees, workflows, upfront investments as well as tools. Rather, you can leverage all your energies towards improving all kinds of products, services as well as your market shares. Through the help of professional linguists the work will become flexible as well as the output will be much faster compared to the in -house team deployed by any organisation.

·Consistency: The challenge of the language support consistency too can be managed with the help of the language translation firms. As a company, the employees and team will often change and leave thus creating a question of the calibre and performance of work. The consistency level is often different from one person to another person. In this case, one might find problems in the use of language. It will be very confusing for the customers to adapt the change.

·Language specialisation: Expertise in translating into and from one specific language. In a translation company there is a huge team of translators who are well versed in different languages and have significant experience of working with different languages and industries.

·Reliability: With translators you are dubious of the quality you will receive and you also have to go through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure you are picking the right person. This may require a huge investment in time and resources. Working with a translation agency is easier because you do not have to spend additional time searching for the right translator and you also do not have the uncertainty of the quality of work.

·         Saves Time and Offer Security: What is most important is the delivery of the projects on time. Through hiring a professional translation agency all your work will be carried out in proper time. As soon as the project is started these agencies will align their translators to work in coordination and deliver the work within the given deadlines.

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