Beyond Translation Businesses Should Adopt Localization Strategies

With escalating competition in the market, businesses these days have more reasons to expand and explore new markets globally to stay relevant. To maintain economic stability, diversification of the revenue streams has become imperative and in the digital era and reaching out to diverse customers has been made simple. However, to set up a foreign wing and build business dominance in a foreign land requires connecting with the prospective customers in the target area. Businesses often seek assistance from translation services to communicate with the locale, but more than Foreign Language Translation need to have clear and effective localization strategies.

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Resurgence of Translation Industry amidst Pandemic

Globalisation has turned the planet Earth into a closely connected society where geographical boundaries are no more entry-exit gates for businesses and corporate. Travelling and tourism become a thriving industry; countries started earning foreign exchange through exports, and literature surpassed all the language barriers.

The language translation industry which was functional for ages bloomed only after entering into the globalization era. A huge spurt is witnessed in this sector in the last decade but, like other sectors, it has also borne the brunt of the pandemic and from 2019 to 2020 it remains in the lull phase with negative growth. As […] Read more

Program written language vs. human written language – which connects more?

Technology is taking over, unthinkable feats have become accessible, but technology has its list of cons. Artificial intelligence has spread its web across most of the niches. Like everything else, AI-generated content is ready to take over human content creators. That is certainly a scary thought. Content creation is by far one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. Now programs might be able to write content in no time.

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How localizing content can boost your growth?

Starting a new venture is a gigantic task. What if your audience does not understand the business?
We are living in a digital age. A high percentage of the world, including your audience does not necessarily understand English. What success would your business make on international grounds if the audience isn’t able to comprehend the idea itself? To make sure that your business reaches out to the maximum audience, you need to localize it.

Content localization is not different from translation. Translation is the most essential part of the overall content localization strategy.

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A thousand of languages dying a slow death

A thousand of languages dying a slow death

Languages shape a culture, are the muse of art, and live deep under the skin of science. With over six thousand languages, multicultural world becomes a beautiful garden where every language and culture defines a community, a precious flower blooming and blossoming. As all flowers in the garden are not eternal, all languages, too, are not meant for eternity. And, this sad truth is marked by the death of Ouma Aenki Kassie in 2013 when the N|uu language of South Africa also died only to be never spoken again.

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With the inception of globalization, the world has shrunk into a global village where everything is intertwined with the Web making access seamlessly easy. Digitalisation has ushered in the internet which enables people to connect with someone who is located poles apart. Having said that, it does not negate the presence of several barriers to efficient communication, language being an essential one. The diverse world is home to several languages and it is impossible for every person to master each language making translation technologies and services imperative.Putting across an idea, understanding the message and overall communication is hampered due to […] Read more

Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Anomalies of translation won’t last long…

Translation has long been part of the literature facet, but it has always been problematic when the texts were converted from one language to another. Talking about India only, let’s take into consideration our mother tongue, Hindi’s translation into English literature. The immense beauty of Hindi withholds several ways of depicting the same text in different emotions through its various tools like muhawre (Idioms) and lokukti (Proverbs) which mostly gets falsely depicted by other languages. Every other language holds their tools which other literary aesthetics won’t be able to do justice due to their respective socio-cultural context. Thus, professionals working […] Read more

How can you improve literary translations?

How can you improve literary translations?

Literary translation is a challenge tough to overcome for the language translators. Even the best of best language translators in Delhi, often, fall short of words and expressions to retain the essence of original literary work of art. When talking about the intricacies involved in the entire process of translation and recreation, Robert Frost’s popular quote cannot miss the sight. He rightly says, “Poetry is what gets lost in translation” because the original beauty of the poem is either further refined or shadowed by the self-imposed constraints of the translator. It seldom remains the same as the original.

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Masterful Study of Translation as Creative Writing

Masterful Study of Translation as Creative Writing

`All translators are writers! How many times you’ve come across this phrase? The best language translators in Delhi believe that translators and writers are the two sides of the same coin. Both are bound by one string— the act of writing. Be it a case of creative writing or the specialized, the act of writing and creating makes one a translator or a writer. Creative writing is nothing but a translational process. Much like translation, creative writing is all about the textual transformation or materialization of thoughts, imagination, and artistry. Creative writing and translation—both are stimulating processes. Every fragment of […] Read more

Business World Seeks an Immense Importance of Translation in the International Trade

The world has been fragmented into 195 countries. Egalitarianism, Congeniality and Empathy, all are far-fetched things now. We need to restore these humane values for the sake of peace, prosperity and Progress. We need to convert miseries into mirth, threats into opportunities and restrictions into a blissful freedom. But, without global unity and harmony, we can just dream about a better world as we have been doing this for ages.

For consistent and productive relationships, a global organisation must have a receptive approach in the adaptation of resources and culture, be it the compliance of international business policies or the commencement of its services in a newly discovered market. For global companies, it is must to have – a multinational, multicultural and universal footprint in an organization. Due to whirling of the internet; international markets and small businesses have come relatively close to the small and large organizations.

Imagine a world where there are plentiful of languages but nobody can speak the second language. A world where the language sounds as an alien to others and the culture remains inert. Communication plays a vital role in sustaining vigorous relationships. In order to understand each other well, we need to get acquainted with the non-natives and their languages.

Professional translators owns a solution to this

An  effective communication is efficient. Professional translators can spread the message in a beautiful and creative way. They possess the intricate meanings of the language and provide productive means of communication. They have a strong knowledge of  both native and non- native language

Professional translators are ingenious they communicate the parallel message without any subversion or perversion. Their creative art is profoundly expressive in their work. They represent “unfeigned” messages.

It is through them that we can build healthy and sound relationships with other countries. They  help in  rapid growth of the business world  by communicating messages in a productive way and play a major role in economic growth and development. An organization will certainly entail professional translator to make their products and services familiar with non-native countries. This will help them to achieve growth in their respective firms and perpetuates globalized world.

Maintaining a long term relationship with translation agencies

We should maintain good relationships with translation agencies where we can find skilled translators who will help us to communicate with foreign countries. The professional translators convey the essence and the crux of the message and thereby make businesses and communications hassle free.

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