Role of Translation in Localised Marketing

The first way we portray ourselves, our products, and our services are through language, which serves as our initial brand ambassador. It’s all about how we communicate with people about who we are, what we offer, and what our top priorities are. Additionally, allowing clients to contact you in their own language is likely to boost the reputation of your company and encourage your brand loyalty among your clientele.

Moreover, localised marketing is one of the foremost marketing strategies which aim to achieve this. It is a technique for creating marketing campaigns that take into account numerous facets of a culture’s […] Read more

How to Promote a Translation Company on Instagram

Instagram, the popular social media platform allows you to warmly and genuinely engage with customers while promoting your business and services. Just like any other business, Instagram as a promotional platform can be a boon for a translation agency by promoting its services and increasing brand exposure on Instagram.

Why promote a translation company on Instagram?

Instagram’s visual aspect is its most significant advantage over other social media platforms.
For this social media platform, video, images, and illustrations are all excellent content types, but your marketing plan will ultimately dictate what kind of stuff to publish and how frequently you release it. No […] Read more

Contribution of Translators to World Literature

“Writers create national literature in their own language, but translators write universal literature.”
The concept of “world literature” refers to pieces written in a variety of languages. Translation enables the development of a corpus of literature from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds that are widely acknowledged as world literature and scholars discuss it at international conferences.

Moreover, the term “world literature” has gained fresh credibility in this era of globalisation and is significantly shaped through translation provided by professional translation agencies that are flourishing fast in the Internet era. Though technology is making tasks simpler, readers and critics hardly like AI-based translation, […] Read more