Program written language vs. human written language – which connects more?

Technology is taking over, unthinkable feats have become accessible, but technology has its list of cons. Artificial intelligence has spread its web across most of the niches. Like everything else, AI-generated content is ready to take over human content creators. That is certainly a scary thought. Content creation is by far one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. Now programs might be able to write content in no time.

Computer-written programs lack the human touch. AI-generated content may bring appropriate facts and numbers to the table. Still, creativity can only be expressed by the human mind. As we all know, content is created to connect with its audience. The Language Translation Services in Delhi understand the advantage of human writers. The human mind can only understand a human connection.

Reasons why human written language is irreplaceable

Despite the sophistication and effectiveness of technology, humans still have the upper hand. Here’s why:

● Robots cannot replicate humans

Robots are machines. They do not have emotions, opinions, memories, etc. Humans have all of these qualities. They create content in a language that strikes a connection with the audience. Content written with deep emotions moves people more than numbers and statistics.

Humans tend to evoke sentiments through stories. Robots cannot understand the meaningful background behind a story. Thus they cannot hold the attention of the audience as human writers can.

In terms of marketing, content creation helps attain the attention of the audience. The more relatable the content is, the more audience will resonate with the brand. Robots cannot comprehend what is suitable for their target audience. The audience roots for the brand with which they resonate. They trust a brand that strikes a personal connection with them. Robots cannot generate these emotions with their target audience.

● AI Programs are expensive

The marketing team of any company looks for alternatives that can cut costs. To get desired content, one has to pay a hefty sum to an AI program to get the work done. The program-generated content is expensive. Companies look for pocket-friendly options to promote their products and services. For a small business, investing in computer programs to generate content is impossible. They already have limited revenue, to begin with.

Human writers are a better alternative to get desired quality content for your brand. One does not even need to be an ace of technology to opt for human writers. Human written language gets the work done efficiently and within a limited cost—this way, the cost that saved can be used by the brand on other aspects.

● Program written language is not relatable

Unless we go on about factual and statistical data. AI robots do not bring anything relatable. They also cannot be sympathetic towards the audience. In today’s world, every minute, a new business is emerging. Every marketer needs to get the attention of their targeted audience. They can do this by listing the needs of the customers through their content. A human writer understandspreferences of the audience. Customers will gravitate towards the content they connect to. In simple words, humans relate to humans. The content is focused on the customers. This makes audience feel that the brand is thinking about them.

● Human written experiences are better

Bot-written content can never imitate human written content. Humans provide emotionally written content for their users. This content creates a personal relationship. It builds trust between the customer and the brand. The storytelling by human-generated content gives the customers an “experience.” Humans tend to associate themselves with stories. Humans bring out the human element in stories.

How can we robot-proof our content?

● Look for creativity as well as SEO: Robots lack creativity. Humans have an upper hand in this situation. They can increase the traffic of a website by including said keywords and by being as creative as possible with their content.

● Include audience experiences: Human-generated content can look for and involve the customer experiences. Humans can decipher the problems of their audience more clearly. They focus on the problems that their clients usually face. They tend to keep the experience of the customers in mind while writing for them.

● Evoke “feels”: Emotional connection is directly proportional to higher sales. Customers will opt for the brand they feel most connected to. Customers go for the brand they can rely upon. Content created by humans generates feelings for it. These feelings instill a sense of friendliness and familiarity in the minds of the customers.

Robots certainly have a space in the content creation realm. However, this space is not to replace humans but to help and assist them. The tendency of humans to evoke emotions makes them far more superior than robots. The connection between one human to another exceeds what bots are capable of. Customers will believe what you have to say only if your content is engaging and trustworthy. The best language translation services bring this power of human connection to great use. One can enhance their brand building and customer retention through this trust with the customers.