Public Relations Is A Need NOT Publicity

Relationship unfolds opportunities, create friends, build trust and of course your reputation in the market. Relationship with the press and media is as important as with people and only a reputed Public Relations (PR) firm can improve your nexus with both media and your target audience. PR agencies play a vital role in converting unknown to known and product to brand. The information age is the era of PR for businesses, politics and people who want to make themselves recognised in the society and are willing to flash their pictures in the Page-3.
Businesses require investors and sponsors, writers sought after publishers and politicians want party tickets, PR help them all. Public Relations professionals work as an interface between marketer and media, they make strategic PR plans for the client, arrange press conferences, events and social gatherings, invite the media and disseminate news and press releases. Apart from traditional media, which comprise newspapers, televisions and FM channels there is an active role of digital media too, that is viably equipped with social media channels and Search Engine Optimization.

Public Relations has changed dramatically after the birth of the internet or more precisely the advent of social media. A PR without covering the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are considered useless in the recent time where people spent their most of leisure time in searching the things of their interest on the internet. The cumulative population of social media channels is much more than the total world population. From students to academicians and entrepreneurs to housewives all love to hang out in the digital world and exploring growth opportunities by interacting with the people across the globe. Hence, PR plays a vital role in both online and offline branding and promotional activities.

Getting the right coverage in the media is a difficult task, but PR people know very well that how to project a product or a person and pitch the media. A business quote to a by-line article and blog to interview they can add the client’s name or services in multiple ways. The size of the organisation and age of a person doesn’t bottleneck the PR activities. Things required in this context are clear vision and objectives, right strategies, relationship with the media and the right choice in finalising the PR agency. So, if you are looking for a PR agency hires one which is professional,  known and credible in the market.   

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PR As Necessary For A Newbie As For An Old Business

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