Social Media Marketing and Start-Ups | Part 2

Social Media Marketingand Start-Ups | Part 2 

Digital MArketingPreviously we spoke about how social media can give an equal footing to both startups and gigantic organizations. However, initially investing in paying social media consultants and agencies might be tough for startups that have just started entering into the trade. Here are more ways to ensure that your social media works without a huge sum of money in hiring an expert.
Add all Your Personal Contacts
Use friend finding features that are available on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc to find your friends, family, and acquaintances.  You can begin by popularizing your business via your most close people who would be willing to help you in sharing and promoting your dream work. These networks also suggest people to you based on your college, previous work, and interests. So, you might get to be reconnected with a lot of people who have been away for long.
Link your Social Media with your Website 
 Small social media icons should be placed in the header, sidebar and the footer of your website. Putting a link to your social media pages on your web pages helps to strengthen your integrated communicational network. 
Add Social Icons to Your Signature

You need to ensure that anyone who communicates with you knows about your startup and for this, you should start by adding your links to your top social accounts in your email signature.  You can avail various free services to make professional signatures with all these social links
Cross-Promote Your Social Accounts
If you have a large following on one of your social accounts, you should encourage its members to connect with you on other platforms. This can be done by sending a simple tweet or a message or the like to all your contacts and encourage them to follow you on other platforms too.
Remember Social Media works slowly and it does not do wonders within a week. You need patience and perseverance to make the strategies work. For more practical tips on using social media for gaining a businessadvantage, keep an eye on this space.