Social Media Marketing and Start-Ups [Part – 1]

Social Media is a great tool for starting any given marketing activity both for veteran organizations and completely new start-ups. While big organizations do not have great financial constraints to enter any given marketing platform, Social Media is a powerful tool to give startups a chance to advertise their products on an equal footing with the big fishes out there due to its cost effectiveness.

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However, just a mere presence on social media is never enough to drive results. To have a real chance of competing with the big brands, start-ups need to have a calculated plan to carefully enter the market – which is the social space, then penetrating these markets – meaning building an identity on different platforms, and finally promoting their products. So, Social Media is to be used judiciously and strategically to produce desired results. Crafting a real Social Media Marketing Plan is not a cup of tea, but that doesn’t make it rocket science either. Consider the following tips to frame your own strategy without having to pay for an expert.
Creating Strong Social Profiles
A strong, detailed and complete profile is the first step towards a good Marketing program. A profile picture with an aptly fitting logo and branded cover pages must be added to all your social media accounts considering the requirements of the platform used. Always match the dimensions according to the platform. Add your company website to your profiles in the description box. And do not start promoting the page unless you have posted at least 10 interesting updates that resonate with your brand and make people interested in it.
Curate Quality Content
Research and create exciting forms of content that would sell. However, a rule to remember while you create content is to make content that sells, and always keep away from making a sales elevator pitch. You need to talk about things that interest people and not talk about your offerings. For example a Tour Operator might talk about the different winter sports that take place in his city and a shoes manufacturer may talk about the history of shoe making. You may also opt to write something that is completely different from your offering as long as you are hitting the right audience and making them like your content. By content we do not only mean written content. Content can take various shapes and forms, like it being a video, a melody, an image, a photo or an info-graphic. All of this is content and if you get the right content half your task is accomplished.
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