Persian is the official language of Iran; this language is widely spoken by 1100 million native speakers in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Pamir Mountain Region. If you are looking for professional Persian translation services that too should be fast, accurate and reliable then The Yellow Coin Communication Pvt. Ltd. is the only destination, where you can get the work done by native language experts. At TYCC we provide services to individuals, corporate, embassies and governments.


The Yellow Coin Communication Pvt. Ltd. (TYCC) provides Persian Translation Agency, maintaining high standard translation with low-cost to both big and small organisations and offer you error-free translation. Our highly experienced Persian translators offer advanced translation of books, magazines, projects, research papers, manual guides, handouts, brochures, contracts, letters and other documents. Get the opportunity to communicate with your clients and organisations easily through our quality and exceptional work.

Our area of expertise includes legal, software, IT, medical, financial, technical and literary work.


TYCC has an excellent team of Persian translators who give priority to three variables – accuracy, appropriate language and quality assurance with matchless prices.

  • Accuracy -It is one of the quality benchmarks in our translation process. As breathing without oxygen gives you no life, TYCC translators with a comprehensive understanding of each word and its placement give no chance doing an incomplete translation. So, we stress on the connotation of each word followed by proofreading and editing to deliver error-free and accurate translation.
  • Appropriate Language – For an effective communication one must be very careful about selection of right words. For targeting the Persian speaking audiences, one should be very specific with spelling, grammar and tone of the language. TYCC translators are equipped to handle customised and quality translation.
  • Quality Assurance – One slight deviation and the result will be whole new outcome with different meaning. For each project, we have experienced editors, proofreaders and project managers who follow quality translation process and focus on producing high-quality Persian translation for a successful communication.


We provide certified English to Persian Language Translation with our specialised translators well-versed in translating the documents in a large domain. Whether it is Persian to English or English to Persian Translation, they know how to deal with complex jargons and providing you with correct translation. TYCC is an internationally acclaimed company and our translators are good at Persian as well as English Language that help them in retaining the exact meaning of the document.