Languages We Translate

BEWARE! A simple negligence and an unintentional mistake due to the lack of familiarity with the language can really cause a collateral damage. We all understand that how serious is the subject and can imagine the complexity of the outcome. Expertise in languages is the most quintessential aspect of good translation services and that’s why at TYCC only native translators of foreign and Indian languages are eligible to take an assignment. TYCC offers translation services in all the recognised languages of the world. Factors like accuracy, authenticity and reliability justify the quality of our translation work.

Like a scientist, a good translator also focuses on three major aspects: what, why and how? The success of a translation agency depends on the skills and expertise of its personnel. Besides a good command of languages they must be well informed with the global happening and current affairs to make their work more authentic and realistic. Some of the frequently demanded languages are discussed here.