A legal document is a priced text for which, a blend of literary, legal terminologies and technical know-how is required in legal translation. When it comes to legal translation, you need a reliable company to depend on. Legal writing style demands specific skills and professional legal translators of TYCC have sound knowledge of all the legal aspects. Targeting to the country-wise legal issues, our legal translators have knowledge of the legal framework of India as well as other countries.


Given the critical nature of the translating legal translation, TYCC offers high level of  legal translation services in Delhi. At TYCC, get your legal documentation done with guaranteed quality assurance.


We have a large team of trained and competitive legal translators who aim to match your requirements faultlessly. Our university degree holder translators are well qualified to handle your work mindfully in the legal domain. We provide you the translation with proper understanding and maintaining the confidentiality as our work ethics. The principles we follow make us unique to count on.


Correct translation in any field is a tough task for many, but  legal document translation can be even more challenging. A common misconception in legal translation is that each word can be substituted by another word of different language (word by word translation) which is not exactly the case. The knowledge that our translators have can preserve the original soul and meanings the original document.

Legal Terminology – These are terminologies that are very particular with their meanings and usages. Our translators maintain thorough high standards in interpreting and translating legal translation both in the source and target languages.

Source Text and Target Text – Source text can be very confusing due to its legal terminologies. It is the most annoying area for those who are totally unfamiliar with the legal language. That’s why an expert having firm grip on the target language is required to understand the text internally. Like an artist, they not only show their translation skills but also take advantages of connecting the two languages.

Stylistic Variations – Our experts make sure to read the document just like the original one. Stylistic means the language style through which the document should be translated. In legal documents our translators make sure that target language should have a stress on specific words for clear meanings.