Delivering an unmatched spoken translation!

We know that you live in a globalised world and you are always eager to impart your creativity, ideas and of course business propositions with people across the world. But, communication problem hinders your growth. It is not necessary that you need to be a linguist because we help you in this regard. At TYCC Pvt. Ltd., we offer professional interpretation services that meet your everlasting needs while communicating with the international clients. TYCC’S interpreters have unmatched experience and good interpersonal skills for imparting highly standardized interpretation, be it is native or foreign language.

Whether it is a phone to phone interaction or a face to face conversation, we provide quality interpreters who are excellent in interpreting variety of discourses on legal, business, market, economics, health, education, sports, entertainment and cultural issues. From audit meetings to seminars, conferences to corporate visits, product launch or business expo, our interpreters are ready to mark your presence on different occasions and events. Besides, we also provide translation and transcription of video narrations, interviews and dialogues.

TYCC offers turnkey solutions to help your business connections through scalable delivery models. Spoken translation is a place for ‘no edit, no error’. Our committed experts ensure you that during language interpretation and communication, you will never be at a loss for  right words and phrases.


Live Interpretation: Wherever you are, or wherever you go, we are always ready to deliver you unparalleled interpretation services at your place, on-phone or online.

Discussion: One-to-one communication between two people. Our interpreters and linguists understand the cultural differences during business talks and thus, offer a smart and comprehensive spoken translation throughout an event. Attentive and highly qualified, they cater you a break-free communication between you and your client.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation requires swift, attentive, and challenging way to decode verbal messages and bodily gestures. TYCC interpreters can handle a complex task by bridging the communication gap between you and your client without breaking the rhythm of a discussion.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule our TYCC interpreters now!