To hold attention of a reader is very hard and to sell something is even harder. Social media has connected the masses and businesses too want to reach approach them. The recent demand of content in the web world is increasing day by day as CONTENT MARKETING is the dire need of the day. Give exposure to your business on popular social media sites and forums, then notice the magical difference.

A big dream cannot be achieved merely by magic it also required smart work.

At The Yellow Coin Communication Pvt. Ltd. (TYCC) we offer Content Marketing Services, great content for the success of your business that engages your target audience. The objective of driving profitable customer action THAT ACTUALLY DOESN’T HAPPEN IN A SINGLE DAY, to make it happen, TYCC content writers offer fresh content rigorously for marketing strategies that can induce a person to STOP…READ…THINK and ACT


Online Content Marketing should be very precise and goals oriented, that is ‘Selling your products online through creative and simply written invitation.’ To give a long lasting result on the web, content marketing connects with your specific community/audience. One can own self build a brand using online media. Here, you can promote products from saris to jewelleries. Anything can sustain here. Potential online content distribution routes are :


To establish a long lasting relationship with your customers, business on facebook alerts your fans of special offers, new products, campaigns, events and discounts. But, hold your breath! On the FB page, you require two things – CREATE IDENTITY AND PRODUCE AUDIENCE. To build audiences need social influence, writers of TYCC create appealing content and advance strategies for business generations.


If you like that people ‘FOLLOW YOU’, Twitter may be the right place. Update others about your business and industry, also keep yourself updated by getting fresh ideas following leaders, groups and brands. It is a great communication tool where you twitterverse with people about your business. Tweeting requires witty words and TYCC has team of writers who let those witty comments fly to make your business expose more and more.


We offer personal and business blog writing services that magnetically attract your customers on one platform. Blog writing cannot consist of complicated posts, horrible writing, lousy headlines and constant digressions. It should be very specific and to the point. Apart from its designing, content plays the most vital part here that will develop customer statistics. Also, you can keep your fans updated with your social network, a showcase of Twitter and Facebook.


Review and commenting promote interests for other brands. TYCC knowledgeable writers review and comment to make the audiences aware of your brand and services.


E-brochures are aesthetically engaging digital marketing tools, an interactive medium that features videos, audio files, live links, hidden pages and slideshows. It is a cost-effective method to educate people about a company and its brands.


Have you ever received spam mails of different products even if you are aware of it? Such mails are business e-mailers delivered to create business awareness in simple, visually beautiful and attractive way. Inform thousands of people and get your product advertised with professional e-mailer at TYCC.