Getting Your Story Out through Effective Storytelling

Has your boss ever screamed for more media coverage, despite your best performance? At some point, s/he might have. In spite of showing such dedication, there are times when we get urgent requests from our bosses. As communication professionals, we constantly follow up with editors and reporters so that they recognize and publish our clients’ work. So, what’s the best way to achieve more coverage in media?

Gone are the days when we could completely rely on earned media to publish our clients’ name on big platforms. However, in today’s media world, pitching editors and reporters is not an easy task. No doubt, we can reap large ROIs with the help of earned media coverage. This move really helps to elevate the client’s profile. You just need one good article placed on a big renowned portal. And, you are done!

In today’s media environment, storytelling has spiralled up and become a new and effective way to conduct media relations and garner more coverage. And, to make storytelling effective, a strategic communications plan is a must.

Dig deep

See who all have benefitted from your organisation’s CSR activities or nonprofit programs. Read their stories to study how your company empowered them and helped them lead a better life. Or look closely at how your local government is supporting the society. Once you scroll through these things, you will find many such inspiring stories that could be picked. And, to raise the voice of these stories among the audiences, try seeking people who can go beyond the institution’s point of view to move masses.

Take stories to the right people

After collecting such stories from your surroundings, it’s your job to transport them to reporters the way it should be. Your presentation will decide whether they will care or not. For this, craft stories with right blends of imagery and narrative. Always remember, storytelling is an art and can come to life in any form, be it audio, writer or visual, or a mix of all. Now, aim specific reporters who would cover your beat; this would increase the probability of placing your story.

Never break ethics

At this point, when you are so close to getting great coverage, keep in mind that storytelling alone cannot help you achieve it. Your trust and relationships with editors and reporters matter a lot. And, ethics is the only way to keep this bond alive. Therefore, always follow ethics in your work.

Always respect the reporters and editors, and make sure you never miss deadlines when it comes to delivering your work.

Submit on time, get results on time.

Good luck!