Stuck with an Odia speaking client, no worries we will help you communicate with your client rather easily through our effective and efficient translation work.

Odia is one of the Classical Languages in India with the first known inscription of the language dating back to the 10th century AD.  Odia is mostly spoken in eastern India comprising of Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. This classical Indo- Aryan language consists of more than 33 million native speakers globally.

If you are looking for skilled, reliable and fast-working Odia language translators, then TYC Communication should be your final destination. At TYC Communication, we provide Odia language translation services right from the native language experts to individuals, corporate, embassies, and governments.



TYC Communication provides Odia Translation Services in any of the known languages with complete accuracy.  Our professionals are trained well to maintain the cost efficiency and work effectiveness of both big as well as small projects. From software, technical and IT to financial, legal and literary work our Odia language translators will provide you their services in many work domains. The area of work includes an advanced translation of books, magazines, project reports, research papers, manual guides, handouts, brochures, contracts, letters and a variety of other documents.



TYCC has an excellent team of Odia translators who give priority to three variables – accuracy, appropriate language and quality assurance with matchless prices around the globe. The specialized and certified translators on our panel have tremendous experience in treating each assignment with attention and care. Other than Odia, we have a wide range of translation services available for our clients in around 1200 language pairs.