Relations between PR and media reap better benefits for brands

Not capital, relations save a brand in crisis. No doubt, advertisements bring returns to businesses in a relatively shorter duration, but they often fail the litmus test, i.e., crisis. As only a real friend helps one in the rainy day, it is the PR that saves a brand in crisis. It is a universal truth that money can never be more precious than relations because where money stops buying things, relations start gaining returns. Now, one can easily understand why the super genius businessman, Bill Gates says, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” Yes, PR is all about relations that produce results irrespective of the financial health of a business while Advertising is a friend of sunny days. When the clouds of crisis cover a business and circumstances doesn’t allow it to stick to its massive marketing budget, advertising seldom stands with the brand.


Relationship Pays Off

The relations between media personnel and PR professionals that develop after months and years of formal as well as informal meetings and discussions have far better depth than the tuning between the marketing department of a company with the ad desk of media houses. Further, ad agencies give a very little scope of interacting with media guys to their precious clients, so most of the time, media don’t have much knowledge and understanding of the advertiser. On the other hand, PR agencies do everything to bring the client closer to media through one-on-one, telephonic interviews, interactions during events and launch programmes, and sharing the personal opinion of a company’s spokesperson on special occasions and events. Moreover, PR professionals guide a client to maintain and foster a better relationship with the media people.


To be continued…