Masterful Study of Translation as Creative Writing

`All translators are writers! How many times you’ve come across this phrase? The best language translators in Delhi believe that translators and writers are the two sides of the same coin. Both are bound by one string— the act of writing. Be it a case of creative writing or the specialized, the act of writing and creating makes one a translator or a writer. Creative writing is nothing but a translational process. Much like translation, creative writing is all about the textual transformation or materialization of thoughts, imagination, and artistry. Creative writing and translation—both are stimulating processes. Every fragment of the writer’s thoughts triggers the creativity of the translator who then converts it into linguistic signs in the target language.

The earnest and intelligent discourse of translation can be metaphorically understood as a process of creative writing as the thoughts of two writers are voiced in two languages only to produce a creative and unique product. Bringing the psychological reality to life through the means of different languages, a translator makes the writer’s work fit-to-read for multi-cultural readership. The professional writers who offer translation services in Delhi get to work with foreign language books.

A writer’s work handed to the language translator no longer remains his own. Translation always brings a personal touch of refinement in the work. The book ultimately produced is therefore hard work of writer and translator. Every translator has a different approach to the same text. Likewise, the cognitive capabilities and creative artistry differ from person to person. Two different translated versions of the same book can be somewhat similar but never truly alike. Creativity is personal, after all!

Even half of the translation agencies in Delhi affirm to the fact that all professional translators in one language translate a text into ten variants of translation style. This personal translation style is a byproduct of the cultural understanding, different contexts, and the flavor of various languages. This not only happens with translation but also with writing itself. The translators who offer both copywriting or creative writing services and language translation services in Delhi have confirmed the fact that both are spontaneous and creative processes. Therefore, it would be called underestimation if the act of translation is designated a level lower than writing.

Creative translation is one of the many nuances of Art to give room and direction to the flow of emotions, perceptions, thoughts, words, feelings, and imagination. Translating psyche allows the translator to elaborate what’s perceived from the source language, adapt what has been stored in mind, metamorphoses it using creativity, and pen it all down on paper in the target language.