Be Smart! Be SMO Savvy!

Google’s revelation about paid promotions and advertisement is the reminder or better say a warning for rigid marketers who are still draining their money in paid promotional activities. As the report claims that 56% of ads goes unnoticeable by the online audience, it is really a shocking news for ad. agencies, but if we take it positively the waning popularity of advertisements and paid promotions is amazingly good for both businesses and Netizens. A smart and sensible media approach can save the hard earned money of corporate, in this era of slow economic growth where people in the corporate are always fearful of the looming pink slips threat a cost cutting in the advertising budget will be a win-win treat for employers and employees. online advertising is not that much extravagant ventures as it upsurges in case of electronic (TV) and print media, but it costs remarkably high against the suave and unpaid Social Media Optimization activities. Using the hugely acclaimed social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, an internet savvy entrepreneur with the help of some creative people like good content writers, designers, photographers and SMO experts can create some engaging, interesting and inviting content to promote a brand or service. In fact, people on the internet more speedily zip and zap than TV viewers. Hence, only crispy, entertaining and innovative content can attract the people and retain them for a long. Good coordination between the creative team, marketing department and technical experts can really leverage a brand on the social media.

Every channel in the digital media has a unique approach and the marketer should develop customized contents to match the features and objectivities of each platform. The content on Facebook will be different from your posts on Twitter and uploaded videos on YouTube will vary from Vimeo both in terms of the length and creativity. Here, one can also customized the content as per the geographical location, language of the target audiences and their culture.

A goal oriented social media plan with clear objectives and smart strategies should be the foremost demands of a brand before starting a campaign or activity on the social media sites. Beware, your competitors are always waiting for a wrong move and a slight negligence can jeopardise your whole efforts. Therefore, you also need to make a contingency plan in advance to counter any possible crisis in the future and try to assess online trends on the regular basis. Managing and controlling the things in a right manner and at the right time can definitely leverage you with an extra edge.