10 Tips Which Makes a Brand Commendable

Branding is not restricted to recognition and visibility, in fact branding is a science which focus on what, why and how aspects very carefully and keenly. Branding doesn’t only enhance the image of a product/organization but it also helps in garnering more revenues, winning the trust of investors and confidence of equity holders. Branding also supports in market expansion, penetration, joint ventures and collaborations, therefore it is treated as one of the most crucial part of business practices and any slight negligence can cause some inevitable damages in the sustenance and survival of an organization. Multinational corporations invest sizeable amount of their revenue in branding and image building activities, form FMCGs to Automobiles all hire reputed PR agencies for this challenging task and get benefits from their expertise. 
Below are 10 suggestions that consolidate an organization in governing, commanding and controlling a brand.
 1.Go for a creative Public Relations(PR) agency for image make-over exercises in all types of media, viz., Print, Electronic and Digital.
2.Build your own design team for developing and disseminating creative content in all forms of communication.   
3.Align your all communications namely, taglines, advertisements, press releases, announcements, articles, blogs and videos on social media channels with the vision and philosophy of your organisation. 
4.Connect your brand with the dreams and aspirations of your target audience. 
5.Create a synergy among the different media channels and emphasise on creating a symmetry between them. 
6.Ask your PR partner to regularly write and pitch press releases, articles, blogs and reviews about your brand. 
7.Participate in events, conferences, seminars and launches relevant to your industry and make a vivid presence of your brand there. 
8. Conceptualize and run a campaign on Social Media site and try to keep them engaging with interesting information and rewarding prizes.
9. Request your clients and loyal customers for positive testimonials in the form of appreciation notes, certificates, blogs and videos. Extend your courtesy and acknowledge them for the safe.
10. Regularly update information on your website, Facebook and Twitter profile and on Wikipedia page.
The above suggestion will really help you a lot in boosting the image of your brand, but you need to remain patient in getting the results as branding is not an overnight procedure and it requires continuous efforts and sheer commitment.