Success in PR: Follow Your Journalists

Businesses cannot expect results without connecting with the target audience and to communicate with them, a public relations agency is must for every growing organization. If connectivity with the potential customers is the key to success of a business entity, then the relationship of PR professionals with the journalists decides the fate of a brand. A PR firm bridges the gap between the marketer and the target audience with the help and efforts of media personnel; journalists. In present times, depending upon the relations of an agency with a particular sort of media helps an agency to project itself as specialist of a sector, like lifestyle, health, entertainment, education, IT and etc. Therefore, businesses prefer to hire a small but specialist agency than taking the services of a large PR firm.
Why small agencies are better?
Good tacit between the PR agency and journalists, many times provide better coverage than the larger agencies serving to competing firms. Public relations is all about contact and relationship with the media and in today’s world of immense competition, journalists prefer to cover the stories which are pushed by known people.
How to develop productive relations with journalists?
A relationship is all about, listening, understanding and entertaining the requirements of journalists, attentively and promptly. Carefully read the e-mails or text messages by the journalists about a particular information or need. Immediately inform the client about this opportunity and email your request for the desired inputs. Ask your client to provide information in bullet points. When the client reply your queries, then check, whether the information provided by the client is fulfilling the demands of the journalist or not. If you find that information is useful to an extent, then filter the information and draft a press release or article focusing on the areas that may please the journalists and omit the unnecessary details. Irrelevant and untimely information can annoy the journalist and may cause a rejection.
How to please a journalist?
Follow the journalists that may bring coverage to your client on social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. Like their posts, make positive comments, take initiatives if they post a particular requirement. Inform them through mail or message that how can you help them in meeting their demands. Write quality press releases and blogs and before sending these, reinforce your content, adding relevant photographs and videos. And make sure that your content first need to delight the journalists, then target audience. If you successfully do all these, then you deserve all praises, both from the journalist and the client.