Preparing a winning PR Strategy

A good PR strategy is dependent on a good experience and trusted instincts of your PR professionals. So, is there a need of data in building results driven PR strategy? Well, of course data is vital in any PR pitch. PR as a function has often been criticized for the lack of measurable results that it is able to bring in and this is where the modern PR teams should focus. PR is all about delivering the right message, to the right audience at the right time. 

 Here are four steps to create a wining PR Strategy:
Research: Your PR strategy should begin with a lot of research. Research is the key to every future PR activity that you undertake. Research about the trends in the market and more specifically, knowing about the strategy of your competitor should be on the top of your list. You have to make sure that your messaging is targeted and is not just a replica of what other brands are saying. Using monitoring tools effectively will not only make you understand the general perception of your brands at both micro and macro levels, but also give all the information that you need before creating your next pitch note. Public Relations Agency
Have Clear Goals: Having no goals in out PR outreach is an awful state to be in. Many a times we pitch every news blog out there because our boss wants a Press Release every week. Pitching just for the sake of pitching reduces the meaning of all your PR centered communication. Having a clear vision in your PR outreach is what is going to bring benefit and so you need to understand your ultimate customer thoroughly. You need to figure out what kind of messages do you want him to read and what would be the result of these communications. Targeting these questions makes your PR strategy goal oriented and you would be well placed on the path of success.
Create a Pitch based on Research and Goals: Now that you have a good research to depend upon and a clear idea of your goals, the next step is to make your pitch in accordance to the research and the goals. Such pitch notes will be accepted as newsworthy by journalists and resonate well with your customers.

Target Specific Media: Finally, you need to target the journalists that would have an interest in the kind of message you wish to promote. You need to understand if the message or the pitch should be a mass broadcast or shall it be given to selective media outlets and what would be effects of each.  Based on the level of activity and its mass appeal, you should choose your target media cautiously.