PR Tips For 2016

The advancements in technology, rapid turnaround of information and big data have brought an exponential change in the way Public Relations work. And to stand out in the cut-throat competition, this is imperative for Public Relations agencies to quickly adapt to market changes. In preparation for a thriving 2016, here are 5 key tips PR experts should consider.

Social Media Power Not To Be Undervalued: Socialmedia marketing plays a crucial role in enhancing awareness of the brand. These days, all big brands are using social media to interact with their audience, drive traffic to their websites and promote their messages. Even a majority of social media users now prefers to connect with brands through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter.

Embrace A Better Content Marketing Strategy: All PR strategies will go in vain if you do not decide on content strategy. It is required that the content for press releases, social media, articles or blogs should be well-written, compelling and persuasive. Moreover, the value of optimized content should not be ignored as it affects the Google rankings.

Use Visual Storytelling:Incorporate a picture to deliver a message is a great way for a brand to tell a story. It has already proven that the press releases that contain images capture 80% more views than releases with just text. So, Public Relations experts should ensure that their content should not only sound good, but it needs to look good too.

Organize Calendar: Public Relations pros should collect and organize yearly calendars to make certain they’re positioning their clients and brands to receive maximum coverage. Jot down all major conferences or events where you’d like to pitch stories. It is advisable to pitch two or three months prior for the best chance of inclusion. Follow the submission guidelines as well as note down their deadlines on your calendar. 
Employ Measurement Tools:If you are monitoring your customers’ website, email and social media along with PR activities, it is inefficient to go to each site individually to collect information. Instead, you can use measurement tools to gather data regarding your social media efforts, website traffic in a dashboard. With the assistance of these tools, you can monitor what worked and what didn’t that eventually assist in refining strategies. The press release analytics help to know which of your releases were read the most and how you should craft your future releases to gain maximum exposure. Constantly measure your efforts or else you will lose fans or followers, and it will ultimately damage the significance of the community you are trying to build.