Time to Humanise Your Marketing

Marketers, Advertisers, and Public Relations Professionals are constantly conceiving strategies that would make their sales grow. However, many a times these professionals start thinking more about their brand than the audience. Whereas, PR professionals might be thinking regarding the industry trends to find themselves a mention, while advertisers might be looking for ways to send a message to a greater audience at the cheapest price and Marketers might be busy building leads to serve the Sales department. All of them are making a mistake, though! They have forgotten the human being behind the screen; the human who is to buy their products and services. It is this human factor that should drive all their marketing efforts, including Public Relations and Advertisements. Rather than analyzing what went wrong after you set forth a marketing strategy, frame your strategies around the feelings of your target customer.
Take Human Psychology as a Guide
Not everyone in the audience is your target customer. So, the first thing to determine is who would buy your products. Who are they? Where do they live? What is their income? And what motivates them to buy your product? Answers to these few questions are generic but vital to guide all your marketing endeavors.
Putting your feet in the Shoes of your customer
Forget your sales for a moment and think about what would elevate the feelings of your customers. A Marketer might not have a psychology degree, but he would need to know human emotions to drive his efforts. Let him consider himself to be the customer of his own brand. What would I want from it? What would drive me to purchase it? What would I feel after procuring the product? Personalizing all your marketing efforts makes you understand your customer better and you can create a human link to the marketing strategy that you are going to design.
Opt for Human Marketing
Bringing in humanity into marketing is the newest trend in vogue. The amount of success received by info-graphics and concept based videos really tells us how much humans cherish information based content even if it is of a promotional nature. Marketers also need to study how searches are being conducted on search engines and how are the search tags written in the search bar. This would make them understand the reality of the tastes and preferences of the customers. Digital Marketing Agency

Over the years consumers have become irritated with brands coming to them with a buying plea. They are after them everywhere, at home, in their office and at parties. Many marketers have made errors of not considering the human nature of their audience and thus have lost a lot of customers over the years. If you want to build a better connection between your brand and its consumers, humanize all your marketing efforts.