Public Relations in 2006 and Now

Businesses which are failed to impress target audiences should review their Marketing and Public Relations (PR) activities. The only thing constant in this world is ‘Change’ and PR is also changing rapidly with the ongoing advancements in the world of marketing and brand development. PR in 2016 is drastically different than the PR of 2006. That’s why, top PR agencies in India and abroad are making great efforts to revamp and re-engineer their services and work tactics.

Today social media is the high-speed vehicle for the digital PR that’s fuelled by super content and driven by the growth-hackers on a digital track, straight and break-free. Digital Marketing is the turning-point of public relations growth in the realm of unconventional marketing and branding. And, it is the power of content that pushes PR in both traditional and digital format. Strategic, interactive, stimulating, engaging, and effective content is the catalyst of every marketing campaign. Creative content rules the world and gone are the days when people were not annoyed by the clichés and uncreative jargons. Right from the birth of a brand to its growth and maturity, the content creator should be creative enough to weave the story of a brand. Story attracts people but boring details distract the target customers. Now PR agencies can create a buzz using all types of communication media and content types in a variety of media vehicles. 

Integrity in communication depicts strength and coordination and no doubt PR is heading towards the absolute integration of print, electronic and digital media. Hence, for a successful campaign there should be a uniformity in all the messages irrespective of the media or marketing vehicle. Whether it is the promotion of a brand on social media or participation of the same in an exhibition, its theme must remain same yet unique. In the nutshell, the content must have the freshness of ideas but it should be weaved very strategically that campaign on print media must support the campaign on social media or electronics.

The world is evolving at the speed of light, but there are many organisations still stuck in the traditional PR format for branding and image building. Yes, it is absolutely true that media relations play a vital role in effective PR propositions, but it is not the be all and end all of PR in the modern contest. Those who are recognising changes are benefiting from the revolutionized PR models in the digital age. The new model of PR is armed with right weapons of social media and mobile applications such as blogs, online forums, discussions, online gaming, video releases and many.