PR in practice is a bit different from the theory

Public Relations (PR) is the most decent and effective medium of image building and it is all due to the simplicity, efficacy and efficiency of PR applications. Though, it is a new branch of Marketing, yet it is treated like a classical art of promotion. PR is rather an ‘Implicit Way of Promotion’ in the current marketing scenario. Market research, strategic planning, media relations, content management, strategy formulation and event scheduling, PR requires beyond these for desired results.

Here, we would focus on things which are very much essential as well as practical, but academicians have given little importance to them while mentioning in the text books or developing academic content for PR. Below are 5 vital factors which greatly affect a campaign in a subtle manner, these are…
1. Always make honest commitments with your client: Although PR can bring tremendous results in the long-run but it always takes time in creating the base. PR is not advertising where splurging money can enhance immediate visibility, PR works more on relations than budgets and pursuing the media is a time taken process. Therefore, a good PR agency always makes honest commitments with the client about the coverage in all three kinds of media- print, electronic and web.

2. Be creative to receive attention: From content creation to image projection and story presentation to scheduling a PR Agency should be very creative and innovative in developing ideas and execution of the plan. In the recent era where digital media plays an indispensable role in the PR activities the presentation on various social media sites should be appealing as well as engaging.

3. Pursue the media but never annoy them: PR without the help of media professionals and journalists is impossible but it doesn’t mean that you repeatedly call them without understanding their limitations. “Excessive follow-ups can spoil the efforts, one must have passions as well as patience in approaching the media.” Geeta Singh, Founder & MD of The Yellow Coin Communication(TYCC).    

4. Be ethical while promoting a brand: Never choose a devious way for gaining early results, do not promote a brand or event which goes against the ethos of masses. Never directly attack on the competitors of your clients.

5. Always prepare a contingency plan: In case of negative publicity by rivals and competitors always follow a contingency plan and never react in haste. With the advent of social media, businesses are more vulnerable to such kinds of attacks.