Optimize SMM for Outstanding SEO

Internet is the bearer of world’s largest and greatest democracy, that is Social Media. Social Media is the habitat of billions of freedom lovers who want to share and exchange their thoughts, opinions, experiences and even ideas with individuals, groups and businesses across countries and continents. Likes and shares are always precious, but these are the links that work like votes on world wide web. The more links a website has, the more easily it beats competitors on Google and other search engines. 
Linking is a science, and one need to be very cautious while creating these powerful links, a mere negligence may spoil your efforts very badly and can thrust you into a spam pool. Smart search engine analysts and SEO professionals are well aware of the changing algorithms of the Google, and they understand that it is the social media that firmly shackles the links in web world and paves a way for the target audience to en route them to the specific site. Though, without useful social media channels, SearchEngine Optimization (SEO) is possible, but it can’t assure a purposeful or effective SEO. In fact, it is the content that induces readers to like, comment and share a post that carries an embedded link. When people share a post, it is almost impossible for the readers to avoid some highlighted words or phrases with an attached link or hash tag.   
Higher traffic and engagements on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo instantly make a link much more appealing and inviting. And, content which becomes viral virtually gains lots of likes, comments and clicks on the shared links. This is known as Snowball Effect in Social Media Marketing (SMM). Hence, if you want to achieve path-breaking success in linking building, develop a great harmony between SEO and SMM.