Content Influences Social Media Marketing

With rapid socio-economic developments and innovative technology business in India has transformed itself across all the industries. Whether a small independent store owner or a large entrepreneur all are going through a drastic change. Most of the industries are flourishing in present times, be it health & fitness, FMCG, retail, telecommunication, beauty, food, biotechnology or F&B.
The advent of M-commerce, smart phone users are using mobile apps for buying, purchasing or selling. It has taken a big leap over E-commerce format. Quick shipping, easy Wi-Fi connections and the numerous mobile apps available in the web world make it easy to burgeon. Using online tools and technology, businesses are expanding their reach even in the remote areas with the help of franchises and business associates. This is the easiest way to create a dynamic eco-system for the entrepreneurs, clients, stakeholders, franchises, associates and others, directly or indirectly involved with a business.
Businesses in full swing are incorporating mobile into all areas of their digital promotion. For mobile website users they have come up with an entirely approachable website, mobile ads, and content.Brands, now understand the importance of social media and advertising. It will sharply increase the social media ad spend. Businesses must generate social media marketing strategies as per audience’s mobile lifestyle and putting additional importance on video and visual content that’s straightforwardly consumed via mobile.
SEO used to be a race between Google and search marketers. Now, they will be coming up with some new techniques to position them on a higher rank. Perpetually, content marketing has the market greater than ever in India.Content Marketing has been described by several as the “amalgamation of SEO and SMO” which is somewhat accurate. SEO and content marketingwill prolong as two separate but entwined disciplines that rely on each other for success. Content is the chief influencer of social media marketing. Businesses that don’t invest in a rock-hard content strategy will discover that their SEO campaigns are ineffective, at best, and damaging to their search visibility, at worst.  
As marketers go on with the profit of their content strategy, capital beforehand was kept for search engines; pay per click, SEO and social media will also be re-allocated to content marketing efforts. The major difficulty for them would be standing out amidst attention seeking content, case studies, video content, research-intensive content, and others give businesses an advantage over their competitors. Trends could keep varying with transient time, so, plunge into the change and move with it.