Three truths of PR professionals

In every profession there are certain universal truths that exist. In PR as well we have things that will always remain a particular way despite your hate for them being so. With that in mind, let us look at a few universal Public Relations truths. 
The Job is never done: This is one of the scariest things of PR. Public Relations is a cycle of repeating the same actions again and again. You first conceptualise an idea for your client, then develop it, and start pitching it. Once it appears on the desired media, you start optimising it. You are always pushing your mind to think of something unique that can satisfy your clients. And this is a routine for you, and you work every day to do the same thing be unique and e creative. PR is all about storytelling, you need powerful storytelling and strong connections to make PR happen.
Getting along with the unknown:  A significant amount of PR that is done is reactive in nature. You need to be prepared along with your team to deal with an unprecedented crisis situation.  You can be the best planner and gauge your PR strategy very well, but then it does not make the PR efforts always be rosy and good. You need to ensure that you and your clients are well prepared with all their backup strategies, In many cases the material should be already developed and approved so that the effect of the negative PR becomes the least. PR Agency
Obsessed about making a good first impression:  You continuously are in an urgent need to grow your network. You might need to know the names of every new entrant into journalism in your specific industry. You are continuously writing introduction eMails, giving compliments in order to make your circle bigger. Before interacting you need to be very concerned about two things, researching the person well and writing the mail according to the taste and preferences of the receiver and very importantly not making any grammatical errors.