A live-wire team of communication professionals is specialised to cater film stars, singers, models, production houses and film distributors. Our passionate team did brilliantly well at the launch of various movies, music videos and promotion of various events. We assure brand visibility among its target audience (stakeholders and investors). Our image managers work with the press, electronic media and bloggers to make sure that they are perceiving and profiling you in the desired manner.


We love to promote art, culture and literature. We work closely with our clients to understand them thoroughly. From authors to painters and poets to dancers, TYCC always admires the talent of creative and artistic people. Our team of experienced PR professionals and communication managers are well versed in devising inspiring strategies for inspiring people. We pitch to the right media with the right content and pursuing a right approach. TYCC hold a proven track record of serving many acclaimed and noted personalities from the Art & Culture sector.


TYCC is the communication partner of many leading national and international brands in Fashion & Lifestyle sector. Be it a luxury jewellery brand or haute accessories store, high-end fashion apparel label or up-scale home decor chain, we understand the need of this particular sector and do everything that leverage the image of our clients. TYCC prides itself in garnering maximum coverage to fashion & lifestyle clients and creating their enviable image both in offline and online media.


All of us love to live a happy and healthy life, but very few of us contribute in accomplishing this dream. At TYCC, we sincerely and effectively help hospitals, doctors and scholars of all types of modalities in achieving their social and business goals. We provide extensive communication services to all and uplift their brand image. By taking a 360 degree communication approach, we ensure a consistent rise in the overall value of a brand in the Health & Fitness sector.


IT & Electronics sector is responsible for the growth of businesses and the economy. Whether it is the manufacturing or service sector the growth of a firm is impossible without the support of these technology developers. At TYCC, we facilitate their growth and provide 360 degree communication services to various leading brands in the sector. To meet the demands of this highly dynamic sector, our smart and tech-savvy image consultants offer intelligent communication strategies both on retainer-ship and project basis.

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To get prompt attention of the media and making a focus on the message you want to convey with your target audience we bring media closer to you in press conferences, conventions, seminars, award ceremonies, product launches and exhibitions.… more


Our risk assessment skills, brand protection schemes, communication strategies and tacit relationship with the media not only shield you from all sorts of threats, but at large helps you to beat every competitor in every battle inside or outside the market.… more


One-on-one interaction with the media help journalists to know about you and makes you familiar with the target audience rather than mere acquaintance. At TYCC, we bridge the gap between you and media.… more


social media today to create a healthy buzz among your prospective customers and visitors. Surveys suggest that ignoring the importance of online social media can lose your 80% of business. So, make the best use of SMO from today with TYCC’s long term more


Digital Marketing seems incomplete without PPC activities and it is the trio of SEO-SMO-PPC which makes holistic digital marketing plan. Organic SEO plays significant and vital role in generating traffic on your website, but it takes some time.… more


BEWARE! A simple negligence and an unintentional mistake due to the lack of familiarity with the language can really cause a collateral damage. We all understand that how serious is the subject and can imagine complexity of the outcome.… more